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7 Words and Nacho Return

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7 Words and Nacho Return

A quick and easy nacho topping to help you all day, every day as a dentist or team member


It’s hard to be likable as a dentist. Patients are on to us.  We cause them pain. We cost them money. BUT we do what we do because we care and know that we do in fact help.  It’s quite exhausting.  

A great tip to help patients like you, accept the treatment they need and not lose momentum is to take PAUSE and say this at the end of every patient visit.  Just use these 7 words and let me know what happens!


Our patients matter to us, their anxiety surrounding the dentist is not unfounded, we work on a sensitive part of the body, with noisy equipment, and using words not just anybody understands. We feel at ease because we know what we are doing, we know how it works and we know it will work for them. 

We should be communicating this calm, confident nature to our clients. The best way to do that? To be an open book – let them pick your brain, ask questions and seek reassurance. 


Your dentisting friend, 

Paul “Dr. Nacho” Goodman

[email protected]