Dental Nachos

Nachos are made to be shared, and so are good ideas!

The Dental Nachos community is a fun, casual environment where sharing and asking questions is encouraged.  Learning and growing as a dental professional is the core of the Dental Nachos community – just like the chips in a plate of nachos.

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Dr. Nacho

If learning is the chips of Dental Nachos, Dr. Paul Goodman is definitely the cheese.

Dr. Nacho, as he’s also known, is the creator and moderator of the Dental Nachos community.  While we like to have fun and joke around while we learn, there is one rule we ask that you follow:

JBN – Just Be Nice!  It’s hard enough dentisting all day – when contributing to the Dental Nachos community, just be nice.  We are here to support each other and make friends.

The goal of the Dental Nachos community is to be a resource for dentists to share and have fun . . . just like what you would do with an outstanding plate of nachos. Regardless of whether you are a new dentist, experienced dentist or a seasoned dentist, we have a place or two for everyone! 

Dental Nachos' homebase is in Philadelphia, PA

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A Passion for Career & Personal Development

We’ve got you!

When you become a part of the Dental Nachos community, you also have access to a dental professional development advisor.  You will have a personal consultation with your Nacho Buddy to outline professional and personal goals that you would like to reach.  Your Buddy will then help you navigate a course of action to reach those goals. Whether it be through education, coaching or consultation, Dental Nachos will help you reach your dentistry career goals through professional development in an engaging way.

We’d Love To Meet You

If you are in the Philadelphia area, we would love to meet you in person at one of our events. We host dental seminars, small group workshops, study clubs, and continuing education courses.