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Decreasing Dentisting Stress

By January 8, 2020 No Comments

Decreasing Dentisting Stress

A guide to improve your dentist morale


Dentistry can be a difficult industry. You’re in a career where nobody wants to see you and you’re the last place they want to come back to and it’s depressing. Self care is becoming more recognized by society, but I can’t emphasize how necessary it is for dentists. I’m with you, I’m one of you. 

Dr. Shakila Angadi of The Inspired Dentist, a dentist turned social & emotional intelligence coach, hosted a seminar in May where we targeted four main objectives.

  1. How to understand your expectations vs others
  2. Perfectionism is the killer of happiness
  3. How to maintain a healthy mindset when things get rough 
  4. Building resilience/grit is the best way to not let life take over

You can view the seminar here. This topic is just another reason why we should come together as one to support and enjoy each other. 

I hope your patients are kind today and none of them refuse to lean back in the chair!

Your dentisting friend, 

Paul “Dr. Nacho” Goodman

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