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Do patients get annoyed with you

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Do patients get annoyed with you when dental treatments don’t last as long as they THOUGHT it would?

Usually it’s because we did not MANAGE THEIR EXPECTATIONS well. We need to change that and do a better job!

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This super nice 75-year old human has been a patient in our practice for 6 years. She has spent 20K+ maintaining her teeth with RCTs, crowns, implants, fillings, and some veneers. A “one by one” or “case by case” style patient and not changing her bite. This human is cavity prone, bone shrinkage prone, and breaks a lot of top and base parts of her teeth.

In May of 2017, #29 had a large cavity into the nerve. The patient already had two successful implants. She still gets the menu of treatment options.

Betty: Paul, I know I don’t have good luck with them, but I cannot do another implant right now. Not a money thing, a time thing. I want to save this one.

Paul: What’s your fave nacho topping? Jk. Sure, Betty [not her real name]. If you save this tooth with an RCT/crown and it ONLY LASTS 18 months, will you be happy you spent $2,345 [not the exact price], or upset that it only lasted 18 months, you spent $2,345 on it, and now you need to spend another $3,478 [again, not the exact fee] to get an implant?

Betty: I hear you, Paul. I understand, but I want to keep this tooth for now. Btw, chorizo (jk).

Paul: Cool, let’s keep it.

This #29 just passed its 18 month existence with the RCT/crown. Patient is in today to start an implant on #19. Totally happy. Totally not annoyed with us. Expectations totally managed.

Maybe #29 will keep chewing for 6 months, 6 years, or the rest of her life. Whatever the case, she will not be mad at me.

It would be nice if for 400K or more, dental school carved out a little time for what is one THE MOST important parts of dentisting. Manage expectations. It’s the way to increase happiness and decrease annoyance!

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