Dogs and Dentists

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Dogs and Dentists

You may think dogs and dentists are a strange pairing.

Growing up, Paul had a golden retriever named Lindy. She was a kind dog that had a special bond with and understood each member of the family. When it came time for Lindy to take her medicine, Paul’s father would hide it inside a big scoop of ice cream.

Without the ice cream Lindy wouldn’t take the pill. This is an important message we can all learn from.

As dentists, we all need CE. We need it for our licenses as well as to continue to learn. Unfortunately, CE has started to feel like we are just checking boxes, showing up and moving on.

Most “valuable” CE courses are often times seen as clinical CE, but in the dentsiting world we need more CE courses on practice management, leadership skills, and how to run a team or business. These courses are the pill. Nacho-Flix is the ice cream.

Nacho-Flix was created by Dr. Paul Goodman, to offer the best of both worlds. It offers CE courses that cover both the clinical side as well as stress management and business skills, in order to make your life easier.

There are over 50 hours of CE courses on Nacho-Flix we are currently offering. We also offer bonus nachos and golden nachos. The courses run anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours.

Find out more about Nacho-Flix here.


“CE has started to feel like we are just checking boxes, showing up and moving on.”

These courses will help you be less annoyed and less stressed, making you a happier dentisting human. This is our goal of Nacho-Flix: to help people. Being a dentist is difficult, we have to prepare and strengthen ourselves.

Sign up monthly, and you can get access to over 50 hours of content and more as we continue to constantly update the site with new courses daily. It’s all on there for you to improve your dentsiting lifestyle.

We want this resource to be your friend. Something you enjoy watching and can watch anywhere, anytime.

Amanda is our Nacho-Flix coordinator. Get in contact via email at [email protected]