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Forming Stronger Relationships with Patients

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Forming Stronger Relationships with Patients

        In a world that is run by social connections where so many of these interactions happen online, it is important to understand how to interpersonally communicate with others.

        Oftentimes we are able to bask in the joy of having awesome and productive conversations, but there comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to be able to have harder conversations.

doctor with patient in chair

        In the dental world, dentists are friendly people who sometimes have to give others some difficult news.

        What dental school doesn’t teach dentists, is how to have effective conversations with patients.

“Dentists are friendly people who sometimes have to give others some difficult news.”

        Dentists tend to use technical language and expressions they have learned in dental school like “virgin teeth” or “I don’t think we can save the tooth.” Using this language can create awkwardness and miscommunication between dentist and patient.

        We want to share how we can help you communicate more effectively with patients to create better trust and build more confidence between dentists and their patients, so they are more willing to say “yes” to treatments.

        As a dentist, dealing with case acceptance can be difficult. While caring for patients and wanting them to move forward with treatment, dentists often find themselves in a roadblock when the patient isn’t very excited to move forward.

        In our Dental Nacho course “60 Minutes to 60K in Production,” Dr. Paul Goodman discusses how to make an impactful change when discussing treatment with patients.

        This program will give you guidelines on how to form better relationships with your patients. It will give you key talking points on how to talk to patients to get them excited to move forward with treatment.

        This program demonstrates great strategies and descriptive conversations about bridges, RPDs and implants.

You can rent the course for free HERE for 48 hours, using code 2PAUL.

        Listen and watch this program, then share it with your team. Try these strategies and watch how much easier your life as a dentist can be.

        The more we care, the more we share, the better dentisting world we can build together.