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George Washington Overdenture

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If George Washington was here today, I think he would have loved to have had implant overdentures and I would have enjoyed trade tips on how to manage large groups of people.

Dr. Nacho: How did you keep your troops inspired despite the tough conditions you faced?

GW: Enough about me, I want to hear how you manage 12,000+ dental personalities on one Facebook group.

Dr. Nacho: You can not let your feelings get in the way.  Luckily, I don’t have a problem with that.  I used to have feelings and then I went to dental school.  At dental school, they remove your feelings and replace them with what I have called TSD-ings.

(TSD-ings: That’s So Dentist Feelings)

GW: Can you show me an example?

Dr. Nacho: One time someone (a real live human being) complained about too many pictures of nachos on my free Facebook group called  . . . Dental Nachos!

GW: Here, you take my wine too.  You need it more.

*Please see photo at the end of the email for proof that this actually happened.  The dentist and I are now friendly after we had a private message conversation on why it is totally acceptable to post photos of nachos on a group called Dental Nachos.  You would think I would not have had to have explained myself.  But you know, TSD :).  

Last week, I visited George Washington’s REAL tent last week with the moderators and Mrs. Nacho.  GW was an amazing leader that inspired his followers in times of great despair.  As a dentist, we are often called on to do the same thing with our team and patients.

In 2005, I met Marc.  Marc had not seen a dentist in thirty years despite being a successful executive coach. It was a fear based thing that he got over at the urging of his wonderful wife.

When I met Marc at twenty-eight years old, his teeth had 80-100% bone shrinkage (my term for “loss” with patients).  Since then, we have been on an awesome journey together that has changed both of our lives in the best way!

Marc has had fourteen implants placed, fixed hybrid overdentures, four implants require replacement (failure is such a dramatic term) and had his upper fixed case modified with the lower transitioned to a removable overdenture.

Along the way, we have had the pleasure of co-presenting to dentists of all ages on WHY Marc trusted a twenty-eight-year-old kid and WHY he is not upset that we have modified, managed and maintained his case over the past thirteen years.

We recently recorded a joint conversation about WHAT makes people change and how we can help them as dentists and human beings. You can listen to it by checking out this FREE Nacho Topping!

Want more free nacho pearls? Text TALK to 444999 to hear Marc and me discuss WHAT makes people change.  It’s a 4-minute audio clip that will get sent to your phone via text message.  We talk about WHAT makes people change and HOW we can help them along the journey!

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Use the code: CHIPSAN to save 50% on a one hour CE course featuring Marc and me talking about his case from a dentist and patient angle.  This is truly amazing and great for your team to watch too.  (Course is $129, but only $65.50 with CHIPSAN in honor of Presidents Day)


Life Changing Nacho Topping

Paul Revere would have had an easier time warning everyone if he could have used LocalMed.  LocalMed is a magical technology for allowing new patients AND existing patients to schedule directly online.  The keep up the momentum and decrease your team stress by eliminating phone calls just to schedule.

The ROI for our office has easily been 15:1.  There is a great video here from Dr. Avi Weiner sharing how LocalMed has helped him as well as a promo link to register for a free webinar through our Dental Nachos affiliate page.  Save on the setup fee and start getting more patients by basically “doing nothing.”