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Helping New-ish Dentists Pick Up Dropped Nachos

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Helping New-ish Dentists Pick Up Dropped Nachos

A guide for recent dental school graduates


In football and dentisting, it is easy for even the most well-trained dentist and team to drop passed nachos. Dentisting is an emotional roller coaster and “running behind schedule” happens. Maybe you have experienced something like this once – or everyday as a dentist. 

Open wider, Millie! That’s the opposite of wider. 

You are closed now, Millie. You want to miss the lunch at the senior center? I didn’t think so. 

It’s Sloppy Joe day. They still make those?

Well, you open and I will try not to drop this teensy #15 zirconia top hat I am trying to cement on your tiny tooth stump. 

Did I say that part out loud? I meant. I love being a dentist. It is incredibly rewarding to try to control saliva at the deepest part of the oral cavity.

Oh and you have #16 in there too. Fun times, Mill.

Fun times. 

There are many great parts of being a dentist. There are many difficult parts of being a dentist too. These both seem heightened when you are a new dentist. You’ve just learned so much and then all of a sudden you have to actually do it?!

So I teamed up with Dr. Ashley Dawson to create a CE webinar that would help navigate these challenges and rewards for a new-ish dentist. 


Your dentisting friend, 

Paul “Dr. Nacho” Goodman