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How to Find Your First Job as a Dentist

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How to Find Your First Job as a Dentist

Dr. Nacho Tips to Help You be the Chip that Stands Out on the Plate

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Are you home for the holidays from dental school, a residency, or just on a life break?

If you’re looking for a job, there’s real value in going office-to-office with your resume in a nice folder and a small gift (Dove chocolates are, like, $4 a bag--give the whole bag!) for the front desk.

Rules to follow:

  1. Dress professionally (no tuxedos or prom dresses).
  2. Visit offices between 10:30am and 12:00pm or 2:30pm-4:00pm (the least busy times).
  3. Walk in and say something like “Hi, I am Paul Nacho. I’m a new dentist and wanted to let you know I’m looking for a job in this area. I grew up here and love it [something like that]. Would you be able to share [not give] my resume with the dentist?”
  4. They may not be looking for an associate, but they may have a friend that is looking for one.
  5. Take an office business card and attempt to get a good email address for follow-up messages.

This is well worth your time even if you get NADA JOBS because you practice TALKING to front desk humans and putting yourself in awkward situations—which is pretty much all of real world dentisting!

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