Our Values

Innovation, Ambition & Prevention are the three values that define our course of action and help us to anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

JFO (Just Find Out) More

Being at the edge of technology and providing practitioners with the latest scientific advances is the number one objective for Itena Clinical. All of our resources, both human and technical are mobilized to achieve performance and quality and remain attentive to the needs of the practitioners. To achieve this goal ITENA Clinical uses specialized competence centers and partnerships with major universities.

ITENA Clinical products are exported worldwide through a network of 200 distributors. The company is proud to represent France and its expertise within the national market. In 2014 the expansion of the company continued by opening a subsidiary in the United States.

ITENA Clinical is committed to deliver high quality products to practitioners. The company ensures full traceability of its products, certified by the SGS company. All the manufacturing process meets the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 criteria’s for medical devices. The many internal and external audits guarantee the quality of the products.

Find out how to buy one Total C-Ram and get another for free!

    TotalC-Ram is a self-etching and self-adhesive permanent resin cement specifically formulated for for ceramic, porcelain, zirconia.

    TotalC-Ram is dedicated to permanent cementation of: crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and posts.

    • All in one ! Etching + primer + bonding + cement
    • Exceptional bonding strength
    • Dual curing (light- or self-curing)
    • Guaranteed curing in areas with limited light penetration
    • Optimized gel state for an easy excess removal: simply cure 2s
    • No post-operative sensitivity
    • Extremely thin film (10 μm)
    • Not soluble in the oral fluids
    • Radiopaque 250% of Al
    • Can be used on vital teeth
    • 2 available shades: Opaque and Translucent