JFO Sponsors

At Dental Nachos, we believe in JFO (just finding out) and love to bring people together and help navigate new ideas. Here are some of our Sponsors and Key Resources that can help you increase productivity and become a happier dentisting human. We encourage you to watch and JFO.

Doctors Disability Specialists

JFO: Learn how DDS help dentists and dental students understand disability insurance: https://dentalnachos.com/doctors-disability-specialists/

Duckett Ladd

JFO: Find out how Duckett Ladd can help you become more profitable and pay off loans faster! Visit: https://dentalnachos.com/duckett-ladd/


JFO: To learn more and get an awesome Nacho deal click here.

The DocSites

JFO:Learn more about how The Docsites provides affordable and effective Websites & Online Marketing for dentists! Click here!

Community Dental Partners

JFO: Receive mentorship, pay off student loans, increase earning potential, all while focusing on being a great dentist with Community Dental Partners. Join today!

Renew Digital

JFO: To learn more about pre-owned dental panoramic X-ray and cone beam from leading manufacturers at a savings of 30-50% click here or call: 888.236.5611

Pair Dentistry

JFO: Lear how to add an in office specialist to your practice with Pair Dental. Sign up here!


JFO: To take a demo and get Nacho TLC from LocalMed click here!


JFO: To get the lowest prices and join the Kettenbach buying club, click here!

Practice CFO

JFO: PracticeCFO enables doctors to thrive financially by giving them access to an integrated financial system managed by their own dental-specific Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Sign up for our Associates on Fire program, complete their profile, complete the program, and stay engaged.

MVP Mailhouse

JFO: MVP Mailhouse ONLY works with dentists and ONLY does direct mail! Guaranteed best dental direct mail program in the industry to get you more new patients!


MVP Mailhouse will grow your patient base through their advanced direct mail marketing strategies. Click here to find out more!

Your Virtual Consult

JFO: Just Find Out how Your Virtual Consult connects patients with dentists. It lowers the barrier to entry for patients who fear going to the dentist, are concerned about cost, can’t find the time, or lack the education to take the next step. DOUBLE you case acceptance.


Schedule a demo today!

Legally Mine

JFO: Legally Mine teaches dental professionals how to protect their license, eliminate frivolous lawsuits and greatly reduce the taxes they pay yearly. Our small business has grown to help thousands of medical professionals across the country manage these important aspects while our clients focus on their career and family.

Click here to start your tax savings today!

Dental Warranty

JFO: Just Find Out about Dental Warranty and how they can help you offer your patients a 6 year nationwide protection plan on their dental treatment. It is truly a win-win for the practice and the patient.

Click here to learn more!

Carr Realty


Just Find Out how CARR recognizes the importance of a professionally negotiated lease and the financial impact it has on your practice and how they are here to help ensure your practice maximizes its profitability through real estate.

Provide a lease evaluation free of charge.


JFO: Just find Out how Sunbit can help ease the burden of accessing dental treatments to your patients with their buy now, pay-over-time solution for dental practices.

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Edge Health

JFO: Edge Health can help increase your practice’s productivity by bringing you a dedicated employee at a fraction of the normal expense.


Click here to outsource your annoyance with a dedicated team member


JFO: Kasper is an all-in-one dental practice management solution. Our primary goal is to automate your time-consuming front office responsibilities and take the stress out of running your own practice and seeing patients.

Schedule a Demo to see how Kasper can save you time, stress, money and allow you to live a more enjoyable life.


JFO: Just Find Out how CareCredit’s library of guides, articles, scripts and more to help you make CareCredit work for your practice!

Visit us here for our library of guides, articles, scripts and more to help you make CareCredit work for your practice!

Sleep Group Solutions

JFO: Just Find Out how Sleep Group Solution will help you to improve the sleep quality and overall health of your patients by adding sleep medicine services to your practice.

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JFO: Just Find out how Flex is designed to pair perfectly with Open Dental to modernize your communication with patients, reduce your team’s workload, increase treatment acceptance, boost payment collection, and (so much) more.


Visit go.flex.dental/dentalnachos to watch a quick demo video and schedule a tour of Flex.

Cloud Dentistry

JFO: Learn how Cloud Dentistry can help you fill a position or find a job! Looking to Hire? Click here! Looking for job? Click here!


JFO: Learn more about PDT’s JBN Hygiene Kit, here!

The AutoFlosser

JFO: The AutoFlosser is a revolution in oral hygiene technology.  It allows the simple and easy cleaning of implant and tooth bridges, braces, and bonded retainers.

Bring the AutoFlosser into the dental/ortho/perio practice as an indispensable home hygiene tool to maintain oral health. Click here to learn more!