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Kindness is Key

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Kindness is Key

It’s not always easy to build a foundation of kindness but our world and dentsiting industry needs more of that.

Gary Vaynerchuk (Vee) is an entrepreneur who uses kindness as a brilliant business strategy. According to Dr. Paul Goodman, this is one of the best techniques to use in order to see rewarding results in our own industry.

As a dentist, you are interacting with patients and team members all day every day. It’s important to treat each individual member of your community with kindness, as you catch more bees with honey.

Using kindness has helped Dr. Goodman become a better dad, a better dentist and a better human.

Dentists are taught to be perfectionists, settling for nothing less than the best. We want to be great, but it’s important to learn to get to goodish first, then great later.

“It’s okay to not be at great right away. Instead, get to goodish.”

In dental school, there is a myth that the opposite of great stinks, however, this isn’t always the case.

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Here’s an example: Say you want the best haircut possible. It’s easy to want the best, but what if that means the hair cut will take seven hours? This is where “goodish” comes in. It’s not settling, instead it’s facing a positive reality.

In a private practice, there are time and insurance constraints. It’s okay to not be at great right away, instead, get to goodish- it helps your patients, your team and you.

Take more videos to communicate with your patients and team. Be a leader in your community. It’s easy to start a free YouTube channel and post informative content to share with members in your dental community.

You may be unsure what to post or where to start, but here is an easy example. A lot of patients struggle with dental insurance and co-pay. They have so many questions and this can be challenging for you to face.

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Explain to them that Insurance acts like a coupon. It’s a benefit that works like a coupon with blackout dates. Here at our office we are going to do the best job possible to maximize the benefit of your coupon.

Here’s a breakdown of what to say in your video:

  1. That’s a good question
  2. I would want to know that too
  3. The way it (insurance) works is…

The video can be short and sweet, but it allows people to feel connected to you and have their questions answered with ease.

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