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Language is Important

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Language is Important

The importance of careful vocabulary in the office

Two words can have the same meaning, but are used to deliver very different messages. For example evacuate is a synonym for leave. Asking someone to leave an aircraft compared to evacuate an aircraft will certainly incite varying levels of panic.


It is important to check the language our teams use is the most appropriate and is well received.  


Three P Words to Say and One P Word Not to Say 

In the heat of dentisting battle, it is easy to make a patient upset. Here are some nacho tips to deliver your message in a kind and firm way. 

One Way:  Our financial POLICY that is that you NEED TO PAY your co-pay before we seat your crown.  (Correct message, mildly abrasive wording)


Team Dr. Nacho Way: I know you are super excited to be getting a crown (laugh, smile).  My job is to explain how the PROCESS works…


Part of the crown will be paid by your dental coupon which is how dental insurance works.  Your patient PORTION is collected prior to the visit when you get your new crown. We have found this PROTOCOL works really well for both our office and our patients. (Correct message, positive wording and the client feels knowledgeable and involved.)


Our advice?


  • Do not say POLICY in your office.  No one likes hearing that as a customer.  

“Our policy is that we do not serve nachos here.”  Well, that policy stinks.  

  • Say the other three “P” words…PROCESS, PORTION & PROTOCOL.


Try this out in your office, let me know how it works! 


Conversations with patients can sometimes be tough and awkward, but they don’t have to be! With our guide to help keep things positive and smooth in the office you, your team, and customers will feel informed and confident.


Your dentisting friend, 

Paul “Dr. Nacho” Goodman

[email protected]