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Loans, Lies and Life After Dental School

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Loans, Lies and Life After Dental School

At Dental Nachos, we help new dentists transition into the next step of their career – actual dentistry!

Education is an interesting word. Schools typically take it to mean academic education, the study of a subject, the absorption of information, the passing of tests and the use of knowledge to build a fact-based opinion and defend it. Now, that does align with one definition of the word, but another definition is simply “an enlightening experience.” 


So often with all of the information trying to be taught, enlightening experiences can be missed. There is so much more to a career in dentistry than learning how to identify cavities, and how to complete implant procedures. I aim to create an enlightening experience through connecting our community, sharing our successes and tackling our challenges. 


My friends can confirm that I made, printed and mailed my own flyers to start a study group, the Rising Dentists Study Club, in 2006. The purpose of the Rising Dentists Study Club was to change the way other dentists felt about each other and worked with each other. I saw negativity and hostility in the industry and wanted to reverse it. Although I am a solutions provider, it is not possible for me to have 15 private conversations a day. That is why I have created a material that answers some of the most pressing questions regarding loans, lies and the transition from dental school to being a dentist, because that’s not quite part of the curriculum. Here is this thing and it is a gift for you and anyone you would like to send it to. Consider it my guide to a dental future, a lens of perspective, an overcoming debt device, and a bank of dentist advice and experiences. 


I care about you and this is my way of showing it. KINDNESS is cool. SUPPORTING each other is cool. CARING is cool!


No one likes the dentist so we may as well like each other!


Your dentisting friend, 

Paul “Dr. Nacho” Goodman

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