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Our New Dentist Boost Camp Experience

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Our New Dentist Boost Camp Experience

Teaching What Wasn’t Taught in Dental School 


Education is a privilege. It is a privilege to learn, and it is absolutely a privilege for me to teach. This past weekend I was able to connect with many engaged, enthusiastic and intelligent individuals who progressed their education through our New Dentist Boost Camp. It was a three-day event filled with CE, speaker panels, networking, socializing and much more. I owe a big thank you to all those who participated. 

Our speakers brought so much knowledge and experience to our event that Dental School curriculum typically lack. Our speakers made up a 14 piece band of knowledge, playing the sweet melodies to our attendees. Dr. Danielle Davis on starting your own dental practice from scratch, Dr. Todd Fleischman teaching us photography in his Philadelphia office, Dr. Evan Ross sharing with new dentists the latest ways to capture patient testimonials and share them on social media. Dr. Matt Costa speaking to resin mastery and photography, Dr. Arthur Volker on high level restorative dentisting. Duet Dr. Stephanie Mapp and Dr. Darlene Hachmeister on understanding insurance. Dr. Robert Montgomery with the single hit “Don’t Burn Your Business & Legal Nachos”, Dr. Carl Steinberg  with “Occlusion, It Ain’t All About Teeth”, and Dr. Audry Su “Adding Skills to Your CAD Toolkit”. Dr. Cathy Hung sang a number about oral surgery for the GP and Dr. Scott Levy chimed in with endo for the GP. We wrapped up the event just as strong as we started with Dr. Mitchell Rubinstein on MacGyver Restorative Moves, Dr. Lewis Chen with Multi Practice Ownership and TAD Tips and Dr. Matt Annese with the encore of Tripling Practice Production by Adding New Clinical Services. To have such talented dentists and teachers work with us made the event so valuable and thoroughly enjoyable – it was a line up like no other. 

Our campers were awesome and attended the event either in person at the Cambria hotel or through live stream. Throughout the weekend we were able to ask the campers what they were enjoying and benefitting from during the camp. One camper enjoyed meeting other dentists in the same stage of life, resident or associate sharing their experiences and knowing that the stage of work they are in aligns. Dr. Nacho has always ingrained how important networking is and our campers got the chance to not only network with our impressive speakers but also with peers who they can learn with and share best practices. For some campers, the photography lessons and social media strategy was most beneficial. Not only being told about the equipment but also learning how to use it, using it on themselves and other campers – took information and then applied it, the most beneficial teaching style. Some campers had previously attended through live stream but wanted to experience the event in person too!  

The Dental Nachos team are able to do an amazing thing, bring dentisting professionals together and deliver the information they need the most, the information they did not receive in dental school. Thank you to my team for their endless hard work, for their dedication to helping others and for bringing my innovative ideas to life. 

We are already looking forward to the next  New Dentist Boost Camp in Philadelphia! To join us in person, email “VIP Boost Camp 6 Waitlist” to [email protected].


Your dentisting friend,

Paul “Dr. Nacho” Goodman