Enjoy Nachos anytime, anywhere!

Hear Dr. Paul Goodman’s Dental Nachos philosophy on “dentisting” and learn career-changing tips & tricks for professional development. Dr. Nacho is one half of the dynamic duo that makes up Dental Amigos. Listen to Paul Goodman, along with attorney Rob Montgomery, break down dentist-specific topics in an engaging weekly podcast – The Dental Amigos.

Friendship, collaboration and education for the dental profession

Dentistry can be a lonely profession without good friends. The Dental Amigos hope to serve as a resource for dentists and those who like, love or spend time with dentists, and to bring the dental world together for the RIGHT reasons–fun, friendship and (practical) learning inside and outside of the operatory.

The Dental Amigos – Robert H. Montgomery, Esq.  and Dr. Paul Goodman

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