Dental Nachos Encyclopedia: Queso Edition


$2600 of CE for only $295!

The Dental Nachopedia: Queso Edition is a friend that you can keep in your phone, listen to watch and learn anytime and anyplace. We are so proud to have created this resource for the dental community. Building a community that cares is more important than crown prep taper.

At Dental Nachos we are incredibly grateful for the amazing speakers and dentisting humans that have contributed to the Dental Nachopedia: Queso Edition.

Dental Nachopedia: Queso Edition will allow you to get self-study CE at a convenient time for you. Utilize this to learn to be a better dentist and fulfill your licensing requirements 

59 hours of CE to own for life

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Dental Nachos Encyclopedia: Queso Edition

The Dental Nachopedia: Queso Edition is packed with over 52 CE credits that will help you increase success and decrease stress in your dentsiting life.

Clinical courses like, Sweating Less while Extracing Teeth. Practice management courses like, Dr. Nacho’s CE Story Time. Business courses like, The Dental Krebs Cycle of Business & Patient Communication. Patient communication courses like, How to Handle Insurance in a Post Pandemic World.

Included Courses:

The Dental Nachopedia: Queso Edition is designed to help you develop your dentisting core!

What is your dentisting core? Your dentisting core made up of clinical (hand) skills, your patient communication (word) skills and your business (mind) skills. At the center of it all is your dentisting heart. How we help the people around us, including our patients, teams and ourselves feel better about their life…feel better about their smile… feel better about the way they chew.


How do I access the Dental Nachos Encyclopedia?

After purchasing, you will have access to ALL video recordings. These are located in your dashboard, under Registered Courses.

Do I get CE credit for watching the video?

Yes, all of these courses are CE! After completing the courses, you will get a link to CEZoom to take a quiz for this course which will confirm your eligibility for the course CE.

You will also get an email with all of the quiz links for easy access!