Dental Nachos Encyclopedia: Salsa Edition


$1700 of CE for only $220!

This CE tasting menu includes amazing CE courses on clinical dentistry, including Rebuilding a Smile after Trauma, as well as making your everyday routine dentistry faster, more efficient, and more fun. It also includes the business skills you don’t learn in dental school and patient communication tips to help you improve treatment plan acceptance. This anytime, anywhere learning resource is yours to own for life to access, to watch, re-watch, learn, earn CE, and make you the happiest dentist-ing human you could be.

At Dental Nachos we are incredibly grateful for the amazing speakers and dentisting humans that have contributed to the Dental Nachopedia: Salsa Edition.

Dental Nachopedia: Salsa Edition will allow you to get self-study CE at a convenient time for you. Utilize this to learn to be a better dentist and fulfill your licensing requirements 

36 hours of CE to own for life

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Dental Nachos Encyclopedia: Salsa Edition

The Dental Nachopedia: Salsa Edition is packed with over 36 CE credits that will help you increase success and decrease stress in your dentsiting life.

The Dental Nachopedia Salsa Edition is the perfect topic to help you improve your morale, help more patients, and develop your dentist in core.

What is your dentist in core?

It is your clinical skills, your business skills, your patient communication skills, at the center of it all, your dentist-ing heart. How can you help more patients, help your team succeed, help yourself deliver more patient centered production in your daily dentist-ing day? The Dental Nachopedia Salsa Edition is the answer.

Included Courses:


How do I access the Dental Nachos Encyclopedia?

After purchasing, you will have access to ALL video recordings. These are located in your dashboard, under Registered Courses.

Do I get CE credit for watching the video?

Yes, all of these courses are CE! After completing the courses, you will get a link to CEZoom to take a quiz for this course which will confirm your eligibility for the course CE.

You will also get an email with all of the quiz links for easy access!