Dental Nachos Supreme Presents: Planning for the Green Flag Systems for Success in Post Covid-19


The Covid-19 virus has shaken the very core of our practices. We could title this– THE WORLD UNTIL YESTERDAY. Yet, we have been through this before. We have not experienced a crisis of this magnitude in the past but we have been through regional shut downs, from hurricanes and floods in the southeast to earthquakes and forest fires in the west. Dentists in all of these situations have faced dire times from temporary shutdowns to losing their office and in some cases, their homes. Our clients have survived and flourished in all of these cases. In this presentation, attendees will learn how to position their practices for the future, post-Covid19. Dr. Blatchford will cover the systems to have practices operate efficiently (45-55% overhead), communication skills for patients who may have reprioritized their spending, and to create a wonderful Life/Work balance in this New Normal.

1 CE credit


Dental Nachos Supreme Presents: Planning for the Green Flag Systems for Success in Post Covid-19

with Dr. Bill Blatchford

1 credit CE — AGD code 550

Educational Objectives:

  • Learn how to formulate a vision for life and practice.

  • Learn communications skills for effective patient conversations.

  • Discover more effective systems like real block booking, collecting in tx room.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Bill Blatchford

After graduating Loyola Dental School in 1970, Dr. Bill Blatchford practiced for 20 years in Corvallis, Oregon. He enjoyed the business aspects of dentistry and started Blatchford Solutions which is now America’s leading dental business coaching program, now in it’s 39th year. Blatchford Solutions coaches dentists to have the best Life/Work balance. They emphasize leadership with a clear vision and follow this with systems and skills to insure a successful practice. He has lectured at every major meeting in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Egypt, and Dubai.
He and his wife, Carolyn have published hundreds of articles in dental publications as well as publishing several books. Blatchford Solutions has coached over 4,000 dentists to success. As the State Farm Insurance commercial says, “We know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two.” Dr. Blatchford and his wife live in Bend, Oregon, and Los Barriles, BCS. They have been married 53 years, have two daughters and three grandchildren. Dr. Christina Blatchford has taken over the business of Blatchford Solutions. They enjoy traveling the world, boating, skiing, cycling, and fishing.
For more information on Blatchford Solutions, visit www.Blatchford and call (888) 977-4600 or contact

bill blatchford


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