Dental Nachos Supreme Presents: Purple-Cow-Wow-Now! How to Stand Out in a Remarkable Way!


In today’s dental environment and with the unprecedented COVID-19, you must stand out from the crowd in a super, awesome, and remarkable way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Hence, a Purple Cow rather than all of the usual black and white cows. You must become the Purple Cow of what you do! And further, if your business acumen is not on par with your clinical skill, you will not super succeed to the level that you would like, and to the level that you and your team deserve! 

You must always do what is right for the patient with your clinical hat on first, but worn almost at the same time is your CEO hat, and depending on what you are doing, it is often worn first. You are, and must become not the dentist in your dental practice, but the CEO of your dental business! 

Developing your Purple Cows and what are called your “Purple-Cow-Wows!” are all done and accomplished at bi-annual “PBRs!” – for the Pick Business-Team-Building Retreats! It is where you become a Fortune 500 Dental Business, and also become one of the Fortune 100 Best Dental Companies to Work For! This will all be discussed along with the power of video and live social media. And it can all be done Virtual if need be! 

Purple Cows and Purple Cow PBR’s lead to new patients through the door, wonderful growth, a building of your brand, getting goals to work, and a wonderful motivation for you and your team! You will earn more and work less, with less stress.


Dental Nachos Supreme Presents: Purple-Cow-Wow-Now! How to Stand Out in a Remarkable Way!

This is a 1 CE credit course

AGD Subject Code: 550

Educational Objectives:
  • Learn how to run an effective “PBR!” to become a Fortune 500 dental practice/business 
  • Learn how to develop your Brand and USP – what do you do better than anyone  else? 
  • Learn how to do an effective business SWOT and STEW 
  • Learn how to develop your “Purple-Cow-Wows-Now!” 
  • What is your “ICC!?” 
  • Why video?

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Robert Pick

Dr. Bob Pick is a popular business practice management consultant, coach, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and professional speaker known for his high energy, fast moving, motivational, highly educational, and entertaining programs. His audience always goes home with great information that can be used immediately for practice enhancement and reward! You will find out why he has been branded the “PURPLE-COW-WOW!” GUY and a “Bitmoji on Steroids!”

Dr. Pick is the CEO of The Pick Group, a practice management firm based on ethics and excellence all designed to yield a happy, healthy and wealthy practice! He is also in private practice and in the “trenches” just like you. He is also a member of the attending staff of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at the Northwestern University’s Medical School.

Dr. Pick is recognized by Dentistry Today as one of the top 200 Leaders in Continuing Education and has won this honor all 21 years that the award has been given. Most recently Dentistry Today listed him as a Consulting Leader. He was the recipient of the 1998 Gordon J. Christensen Outstanding Lecturer Recognition Award.

As an official spokesperson for the American Dental Association Dr. Pick has frequently been featured in the media including: Good Morning America, Fortune, Self, Wall Street Journal, Glamour, McCalls, MORE, Popular Mechanics, Cosmopolitan, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, L.A. Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox News, Ladies Home Journal, Men’s Health, others, and even The National Enquirer!

Dr R Pick MB


Do I get CE credit?

Yes, you will get 1 CE credit after completing a quiz.

How do I access this course?

After purchasing, you will have access to a video recording of a live event.