Dental Nachos Supreme Presents: Sweating Less When Extracting Teeth


In this course, Dr. Karl Koerner will share how general dentists can improve their oral surgery techniques. General dentists are often faced with the “Should I extract this tooth or refer it to an oral surgeon?” This presentation will cover a system to determine which cases to do, which cases to refer out and how to develop a foundation of oral surgery knowledge.

Dental Nachos Supreme Presents: Sweating Less When Extracting Teeth

With Dr. Karl Koerner

Educational Objectives:

  • Keys to case selection: Managing or avoiding patients with health, medication, and medical history concerns.
  • Improve your oral surgery tool kit. Helpful tips, techniques and instruments to use for extractions.
  • Numbing Secrets: Ways to make anesthesia painless for you, the dentist.
  • Complications: Learning from, avoiding and managing challenges.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Koerner has presented hundreds of didactic and participation oral surgery courses to general dentists in the U.S. and abroad. He has been an Associate Professor and is now an Adjunct Professor at Roseman College of Dental Medicine (Roseman University of Health Sciences) in Utah.

Dr. Koerner is the author of many articles on various aspects of oral surgery for the general dentist and has authored or co-authored four books on oral surgery. In addition, he has made several surgery DVDs with Dr. Gordon Christensen. He is a past president of the Utah Dental Association and Utah Academy of General Dentistry. Though not an oral surgeon, Dr. Koerner received surgery training in the U.S. Army and in his Utah general practice performed only oral surgery for over 20 years. He was given the National AGD’s Weclew Award for contributions to general dentistry and dental education.