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Dental Nachos Supreme


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Dental Nachos Supreme

Do you wish being a private practice dentist came with an instruction manual?

In 2020, we are introducing a program for dentists to SURVIVE and THRIVE in the real world!

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Valuable, Informative Dental-Focused CE & Support

Delivered To You Online


  • 10% off ANY online CE course, coaching or in-person course on the Dental Nachos website for 2020
    • 24 Livestreamed CE
      • Watch live, enter code, counts as live CE
      • Miss it due to pilates, soccer games or a Class 2 gone annoying…watch it and get self-study CE after it “airs” until December 31, 2020
      • 1-3 “CE on TV episodes” broadcast  monthly throughout 2020
      • A minimum will be 16 hours in clinical nature with “top nacho notch” teachers
        • with topics in perio, restorative, implants, endo–the whole plate.
        • 12-15 Supreme teachers of a high caliber!
  • Special Edition Dental Nachos Supreme t-shirt

Soft Tissue Grafting • Restorative Dentistry • Oral Surgery

Endo • Implants • Practice Management

& More

If you’re as excited as we are about this new program as we are, you can sign up now!

Email us at [email protected] with any questions.