Dental Nachos TV Presents: How to Survive & Thrive at each Stage in the Circle of Dentisting Life – Watch-In


Your hosts:

Dr. Mark Costes, Founder of the Dental Success Institute & Dr. Paul Goodman, Founder of Dental Nachos

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Sunday, April 26th

12:00pm EST

Broadcast on Nacho ZOOM TV!

Dr. Mark "Cold Shower" Costes & Dr. Paul "Nacho" Goodman take you on the journey through the . . . . Circle of Dentisting LIfe!

This two hour presentation will SHARE a DENTAL LIFE TREATMENT how to survive and thrive at each stage for your dental career from Day One of your D1 Year through selling your practice and becoming RAD (Retired Aged Dentist).

What are the stages of the Circle of Dentisting Life?

1.  Dental student life (D1-D4)
2.  Your FIRST JOB as a BAD (Baby Aged Dentist)
3.  Buying Your FIRST Dental Practice 
4.  Hiring Your FIRST Associate
5.  Buying a SECOND Dental Practice
6.  Selling your DENTAL PRACTICE and becoming a RAD (Retired Aged Dentist)

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Mark Costes is far from a typical dentist and dental coach. During his career, he has been able to start or acquire over a dozen successful dental practices during some of the profession’s most challenging times. Dr. Costes’s journey has not come without its setbacks. In fact, he credits much of his success to the fact that he made more mistakes in his first year of private practice ownership than most dentists make in an entire career. What separated him from the masses, however, was the fact that he viewed each failure and roadblock as a learning experience and an opportunity to improve his business and life. This philosophy, as well as his decision to model the world’s most successful business owners, has led him to where he is today.

Dr. Costes is founder of the Dental Success Institute, a company committed to helping dentists achieve their full potential, while recapturing their passion for dentistry. He is also the founder of the Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting which has experienced explosive growth and has expanded to over one hundred and eighty locations throughout the United States. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Dental Success Network. Dr. Costes is the International and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of the book Pillars of Dental Success. His podcast, The Dentalpreneur Podcast now has listenership from over 130 countries worldwide.

While chief dental resident during his general practice residency and hospital fellowship at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Dr. Goodman received advanced training and also placed and restored 150 dental implants.  Additionally, he teaches dental residents at Albert Einstein Medical Center lecturing to dentists on placing and restoring implants.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Goodman has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years and works with his brother in two locations in Mercer County, NJ. Dr. Goodman has purchased three dental practices and shares his personal experience with retiring dentists in managing the expectations of their patients and team members during the transition process. He is the founder of Rising Dentists Study Club and Rittenhouse Consulting, LLC – both in Philadelphia.