Fundamentals in Dental Leadership


This one-hour presentation is meant to introduce new dentists and dental students to new, fundamental concepts of leadership as it applies to dentistry.  It is a widely held belief that dental schools do not provide the necessary training dental students need in order to take on the role of leader, as it pertains to working with and managing a team of individuals.  We know that, inherently, most individuals model the type of leadership that was presented to them as they grew up, not all of which was positive, engaging or developmental. Creating and working with a team that is led by someone who utilizes excellent leadership skills has many benefits including increased job satisfaction for all, less stress, higher productivity, greater profitability and most importantly, excellent patient care and less staff turnover.  The course aims to educate those in attendance with the most up-to-date, research-based information that will prepare them to become the best leaders they can be in a dental setting.

This gives you access to a dental CE webinar which you can access from anywhere with internet.

1 CE credit


Fundamentals in Dental Leadership

with Lisa Mergens

Educational Objectives:


    • What a leader is, and why is it important to be a good one

    • Types of leadership through the ages

    • What leadership should look like in dentistry


    • Brain-based leadership psychology

    • How Conversational Intelligence impacts leadership


    • Scenarios and real-world examples

    • Immediately implementable techniques using the leader-as-coach model

Meet Your Instructor

Lisa Mergens has been a part of the dental profession for over 35 years. After practicing clinically as a dental hygienist, Lisa went on to pursue advanced degrees in business and now, psychology. Currently pursuing her PhD in Organizational Leadership (based in positive psychology), her research is focused specifically on leadership in dentistry and creating engaged dental teams that function in a highly organized manner. Lisa is also a certified executive coach and works with dental clients across the Nation. She has a particular fondness for helping new practice owners transition teams.


How do I access this course?

After purchasing, you will have access to a video recording of a live event.

Do I get CE credit for watching the video?

Yes, after watching this course you will take a quiz through CEZoom which will qualify you for 1 CE credit.