Loans, Lies & Life After Dental School


A webinar appropriate for young dentists on the transition from dental school. Attendees will learn what dental school didn’t teach you including how to manage your loans, debt from purchasing a practice, and how to succeed in the world as a dentist. This webinar will leave you feeling prepared and excited for your next challenge!



What They SHOULD Teach You But Don't

Watching this valuable course, you will:

  • Learn how to plan for the dental future you imagine.

  • Gain perspective on the “real world” of dentisting.

  • Discover tools & tricks to help you overcome your debt.

  • Hear successful Dentists share their experiences.

  • Get implementable advice on how to be a better business person.

After dental school, Dentists are left to figure out the “Real World” on their own – and it can be a scary place!  At Dental Nachos, we help new dentists transition into the next step of their career – actual dentistry! But we know that the actual dentistry isn’t the only thing that’s important.  You’ll master the techniques you learned in school, but this course is focused on what they didn’t teach you. 


If you’re like most graduating dental students, you are worried about paying off student loans, and possibly debt from purchasing a practice.  We want to help ease your worries and give you practical lessons on how to succeed in the real world as a dentist – and be happy doing it!

Learn When & Where It’s Convenient For You!

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Paul Goodman

While chief dental resident during his general practice residency and hospital fellowship at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Dr. Goodman received advanced training and also placed and restored 150 dental implants. He has been a faculty member for Hiossen Dental Implant Training Program for the past 10 years and has helped over 100 general dentists place their first dental implants. Additionally, he teaches dental residents at Albert Einstein Medical Center lecturing to dentists on placing and restoring implants.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Goodman has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years and works with his brother in two locations in Mercer County, NJ. Dr. Goodman has purchased three dental practices and shares his personal experience with retiring dentists in managing the expectations of their patients and team members during the transition process. He is the founder of Rising Dentists Study Club and Rittenhouse Consulting, LLC – both in Philadelphia.


How do I access this course?

After purchasing, you will have access to a video recording of a live event.

Do I get CE credit for watching the video?

This course is not eligible for CE credit, but it will surely be beneficial to your career.