New Dentist Boost Camp 1


This gives you access to a 10-part lecture series self-study course which you can access from anywhere with internet and watch at your convenience.

Eligible for 12 hours of CE credit.
AGD Subject Code: 690 – 2.5 credit hours
AGD Subject Code: 250 – 7 credit hours
AGD Subject Code: 550 – 1.5 credit hours
AGD Subject Code: 070 – 1 credit hour

One of a Kind CE Course

New Dentist Boost Camp 1 is a one of a kind CE course for for students, residents and new dentists with less than five years in private practice.

We will focus on practical and actionable CE that will help a young dentist in school, residency or practice. This is the type of “stuff” that dental school ignores and is what truly determines your success and dental happiness level. You could spend years doing the “trial and error” thing or trying to pick the brains of multiple dentists OR you can invest in yourself and develop core dental muscles that you will need for your entire career. It’s never too early to incorporate truly useful tips and techniques since you are going to be doing these things tens of thousands of times.

The 3 Pillars For Success

There are 3 components of every dentist that will determine their success in order of importance.


Confident Dental Decision Making


Effective Communication with Your Team & Patients


Executing Procedures in Smart Ways


In addition to the MIND-WORDS-HANDS trifecta, we will infuse business, practice management and leadership principles that are essential to lead a team. We’ll also cover, the often neglected fact, that taking care of yourself along the way is extremely important.

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Paul Goodman

While chief dental resident during his general practice residency and hospital fellowship at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Dr. Goodman received advanced training and also placed and restored 150 dental implants. He has been a faculty member for Hiossen Dental Implant Training Program for the past 10 years and has helped over 100 general dentists place their first dental implants. Additionally, he teaches dental residents at Albert Einstein Medical Center lecturing to dentists on placing and restoring implants.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Goodman has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years and works with his brother in two locations in Mercer County, NJ. Dr. Goodman has purchased three dental practices and shares his personal experience with retiring dentists in managing the expectations of their patients and team members during the transition process. He is the founder of Rising Dentists Study Club and Rittenhouse Consulting, LLC – both in Philadelphia.

Dr. Todd Fleischman

From diagnosing small cavities to complex, full mouth restorations, Dr. Todd Fleischman focuses on a patient centered, relationship based approach to achieving healthy mouths and beautiful smiles. He has learned that the best way to treat a patient is to listen, with time in his care beginning with a conversation about their expectations. He emphasizes the use of the latest technology and techniques in a state-of-the-art practice setting with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Todd encourages a hassle-free, no pressure environment.

“I truly believe that honesty and predictability are the keys to providing my patients with comfortable, personalized dental care. By spending the dedicated time we need to educate and inform, our experienced and knowledgeable office team develops customized treatment plans based upon a patient’s wants and needs. This style of care is the way I always envisioned my ideal practice, giving us the ability to truly show our patients what we love to do.”

Dr. Fleischman received his undergraduate education from New York University, completing his studies with a bachelor of arts in psychology. Upon leaving Manhattan he settled in Center City Philadelphia, graduating from Temple University School of Dentistry with his doctoral degree. Beginning to establish his roots in southeastern Pennsylvania, Dr. Fleischman completed his post-graduate Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He is an avid student of comprehensive, evidence based continuing education including the Spear Institute in Scottsdale, AZ and the Kois Center in Seattle, WA. He is the owner of a private, fee-for-service restorative practice in the Rittenhouse Square area of Center City Philadelphia.

Dr. Greg Cumberford



Will this be worth it?

Yes, when you attend New Dentist Boost Camp 1, you’ll receive approximately 12 hours of content focused on the MIND-WORDS-HANDS trifecta, as well as business, practice management and leadership principles that are essential to lead a team. These could very well be some of the most impactful hours you’ll spend preparing for the future of your dental career.

I've been practicing for 6+ years. Should I still watch the course?

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: yes, however we’ve specifically tailored the content to be most impactful for dental students and dentists in the first 5 years of their careers as we want to be able to instill this wisdom early on in one’s career. As long as you attend with an open mind this course has the potential to positively impact a dentist with 6+ years of experience.

Is ``continuing education`` REALLY continuing education if you're still in dental school?

This is a common question we hear from dental students, and we totally get it. Many think CEs are above their heads or too burdensome to take on in addition to the typical dental school curriculum. But let’s be real, all dental school curriculums lack SOMETHING, and most dental students have more free time than we let ourselves believe. So instead of sitting back and complaining, now the time do something about it! So YES, attending New Dentist Boost Camp 1 absolutely is “continuing education” as you’ll be learning about topics that aren’t covered in most (any?) dental school. Most dentists will tell you “what you’re doing is really smart. I wish I did CE when I was in dental school.”

Do I get CE credit for viewing?

Yes! You will receive a certificate of completion for this course and you’ll be eligible to obtain CE through CEZoom, after taking the accompanying quizzes for each lesson.

How do I access this course?

After purchasing, you will have access to a video recording of a live CE event.  After watching the video course you will receive a link to CEZoom where you will take a quiz based on the content in the video.  This confirms your eligibility and grants your continuing education credits through CEZoom, so you will need a valid CEZoom log-in/registration.