Successful Dental Career Transitions


No matter what stage of your dental career you are in, you’ll enjoy the Successful Dental Career Transitions self study course.

Dr. Goodman will help you navigate your dental career transition from dream to reality.

  • Seasoned Dentists

  • New Dentists & Dental Students

  • Dental Associates

Seasoned Dentists

This course is designed with you in mind.  After years of practicing dentistry as an owner-dentist, you are likely at a point where you need to decide if you should add an associate to your practice, or should you sell your practice?  This is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make in your dentisting career

This talk will focus on owner-dentists who are well-established in their practice.  This can be the best time in a dentist’s life, if they make the right business decisions to give them the life they envision for themselves.  The decision whether to add an associate or to sell a successful practice can be the toughest decision for a dentist to make. Dr. Paul Goodman can give you the tools and advice you need to make the right choices for you.  Once you’ve decided if you want to add an associate or sell, the next step is crucial, and personal. Dr. Paul can act as matchmaker for you and help you meet your next associate, or buyer for your practice. Paul has a wide reach across the dental community and has a proven success record in practice sales and associateship recruitment.

At this event, you could meet your next associate, or even partner or buyer!

New Dentists & Dental Students

Dr. Paul Goodman should be every new dentist’s best friend.  His genuine passion for helping fellow dentists, coupled with how generous Dr. Paul is with his time and resources, make him an invaluable asset to any dentist, but especially one just starting out in their career.

This event is valuable to you because you will be able to talk with dentists who have more experience and insight which can help you navigate your dental career.  Dr. Goodman will speak about how to find a good associateship and what to look out for during your job search. The discussion will also include tips and best practices for buying a dental practice.  This is information that any new dentist will find valuable.

Dental Associates

If you’ve thought about owning your own dental practice, you don’t want to miss Dr. Paul Goodman speak about Successful Dental Career Transitions.  As Dr. Goodman says, buying a practice is the most important decision of your life. The one hour lecture during this networking event could save you a lot of headache and heartbreak.  Dr. Paul walks you through the buying process and breaks it down in an easy to understand way. Buying a practice can seem overwhelming or out of reach, but Dr. Paul can help you realize your business ownership goals.

If you feel like you are in a dead end job as a dental associate, this event could be life changing.  You could meet the current owner of your future practice! Or find a new associateship that suits you better than your current situation.

Whether you’re looking for an associateship or the purchase a dental practice, Dr. Paul Goodman is the person to help you through this important and confusing career transition.  He has a strong community of diverse dental professionals who are ready to help you succeed!