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We dentists spend a great deal of our time performing “basic” procedures, especially early in our careers. Crowns, inlays, onlays and direct restorations are by far the most frequently performed procedures in general practice. When they go smoothly, the are enjoyable, profitable confidence builders. When they don’t go smoothly, the result is lost revenue, wasted time, poor clinical outcomes, and unhappy patients. How can we get better results and improve profitability at the same time? By focusing on simple, reliable techniques that lead to restorative excellence.

Best of all, these techniques will elevate the quality of your restorations, while simultaneously decreasing the time needed to complete them, so they are helpful to dental students, associates and practice owners.


Reduce Crying Inside and Live Your Best Dentisting Life

with Dr. Lewis Chen, Dr. Marcus Cowan, Dr. Laura Brenner, & Dr. Stephanie Mapp

This is a webinar on Practice Management and Human Relations (2 CE Credits Total)

AGD Code: 550 Practice Management

Educational Objectives:

  • Understand the different types of dental insurance available.
  • Avoid pitfalls in the insurance system that might lead to patient dissatisfaction.
  • Discuss traits that make a successful dental leader.
  • Identify areas in your dental career where you need the most help in moving forward with decisions.
  • How to add skills that both improve patient centered care and your personal production.

This gives you access to a dental webinar which you can access from anywhere with internet.

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Lewis Chen

Dr. Lewis Chen was born and bred in New York. He hails from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and shortly after, he completed two years of GPR at Bronx VA, an affiliate of Mount Sinai, where he focused on expanding the breadth of his clinical skills in full-mouth rehabilitations, cosmetics, and implants. 

He is currently a multi-practice owner with offices in New Jersey and New York and currently practices in New Jersey. His drive stems from his desire to inspire others to “ready, fire, aim”. He hopes to achieve this through speaking, lecturing, and giving back to the community.

Lewis Chen

Dr. Marcus Cowan

Dr. Marcus Cowan is a general dentist from Lithonia, GA. He attended dental school at the Dental College of GA (formerly known as the Medical College of GA) in Augusta, GA. After dental school, Dr. Cowan completed a 2 year GPR at the same institution. The GPR program taught comprehensive dentistry, with an emphasis on surgical, implant, & sedation dentistry.


Dr. Cowan has been published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry & has attained his fellowship in the International College of Oral Implantologists. He currently practices in Athens, GA.

Dr. Marcus Cowan

Dr. Laura Brenner

Dr. Laura Brenner has practiced dentistry for ten years. Dr. Brenner loves connecting with people. While the clinical practice of dentistry was the wrong vehicle for that, she learned that the role of coaching was always her favorite part. Since she started blogging about her career transition, she has been a voice for dentists who want to get real about their careers. Dr. Brenner helps other dentists and health professionals who feel stressed and overwhelmed to get unstuck. She helps them gain the skills to make the tough decisions like whether they should stick with their current careers or go for a complete career change. With their new skills and confidence, they are able to freely move forward and take action. Dr. Brenner’s approach is solution-oriented and forward thinking, and the results her clients achieve impact every aspect of their lives.

Laura Brenner

Dr. Stephanie Mapp

Dr. Stephanie Mapp has 25 years of real world dental experience as well as continuing education. Her very successful dental start up is still going strong after 17 years. For five and a half years she also owned a second office in a very affluent Florida coastal community. She has spent the last few years developing a system to evaluate PPO insurance plans and managing the challenges of the changing dental insurance landscape. 


Dr. Mapp attended the University of Florida College of Dentistry after only three years of undergraduate education in the Psychology Department. She spent eight years as an associate working in several cities in Florida and experienced many types of dental practices. She worked in seven different types of dental offices which included all ranges of socioeconomic backgrounds from public health to boutique FFS offices. Her experience also presented her with exposure to many types of management systems. Having been both an associate dentist and hiring associate dentists, she has a unique perspective on how to be an employee as well as an owner. 

Dr. Mapp lives in Fleming Island, Florida with her son Charlie, three dogs and her ER doctor boyfriend. Most of her time away from the office is spent traveling the globe and cheering for the Florida Gators. She has also contributed to the book, Mommy Dentists in Business: Juggling Family and Life While Running a Business by Dr. Grace Yum. Her newest venture is her consulting company Mapp Your Practice which helps new and existing owners set up systems for dealing with PPO insurance in their dental practices.


How do I access this course?

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Do I get CE credit for watching the video?

Yes, the course will be worth 2 CE credits of Practice Management & Human Relations!