The Future of Private Practice Ownership


A webinar appropriate for all dentists on owning a practice. Attendees will learn new ways to integrate practice ownership and community impact, will understand practice growth strategies from rapid-growth practices and learn strategies for personal rewards in practice ownership. Our content is provided by Jayme Amos.

1 CE credit


The Future of Private Practice Ownership

with Jayme Amos

Meet Your Instructor

Jayme Amos

Jayme is the CEO of Ideal Practices, the market leader in startup practice consulting. He’s the bestselling author of Practice Location, host of the Ideal Practices Podcast, creator of the Startup Practice Blueprint Course and recently released dentistry’s first documentary about startup practices.

Jayme has spoken from stage at the Townie Meeting, Voices of Dentistry, the DeliveringWow Summit and has spoken for dental schools and residency programs across the country.

The Ideal Practices team devotes thousands of hours per year, helping dentists open successful startup practices that make meaningful impact in their communities.

Overseas, Ideal Practices provides the funding for 10 startup businesses in third-world countries everytime they help open a startup dental practice in the United States.

CEO, Ideal Practices

Dentistry’s Startup Consulting Experts

Best Selling Author, Practice Location

Creator of the Startup Practice Blueprint


How do I access this course?

After purchasing, you will have access to a video recording of a live event.

Do I get CE credit for watching the video?

Yes, after watching this course you will take a quiz through CEZoom which will qualify you for 1 CE credit.