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Stop Saying These Three Words to be Less Weird

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Stop Saying These Three Words to be Less Weird…

Dental School taught us a lot, but it made us a little weird too…

1. STOP saying to patients we can SAVE their tooth. Is the tooth Private Ryan?  Is Tom Hanks going to carry a lower molar with decay across a battlefield? On his back? Under heavy enemy attack? See how crazy that sounds. It also provides a scary image if it doesn’t end up able to be saved… 

Let’s park that and start using MAINTAIN, it is more accurate, more professional and frankly less weird!

2. STOP saying FAILED to patients.  It’s dramatic, negative and most of the time, not even true. Betsy. Have a seat. The bridge you have been eating with for twelve years.  It has FAILED. You Betsy, also kind of a failure. 

Let’s quit it with the failed and START saying REPLACE. Things happen, we are able to do something about it so let’s just REPLACE.

3. STOP saying VIRGIN when describing a tooth without a filling.  Does this make you comfortable to say to a 68-year old woman named Millie at 10:30am on a Tuesday morning? Millie feels super awkward.  

We can’t do a bridge here, Millie. The teeth on either side. THEY ARE VIRGINS!

Millie: What about the one in the back with the big silver filling. 

You: That tooth is morally corrupt.  Going out too late at night. Probably getting a lot of bottle service.  

Are you with me now, dentists? Let’s keep our patients comfortable, keep ourselves cool, and make these small changes for everyone’s sake.


Your dentisting friend, 

Paul “Dr. Nacho” Goodman

[email protected]